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full name date of birth occupation education orientation & status tattoos/piercings judas peter till august 16th, 1988 (26 years old) technical recruiter at wallach industries, co-owner of flying kicks karate bs in business administration with a management concentration from becker college kinsey 3 & single ???

there was a fine line between being self-deprecating and self-pitying, and jude only ever allowed himself to be the former, never the latter. call it a pride thing or a coping mechanism. whatever the reason, he never really looked back on his childhood for what it was: pretty damn awful. by average societal standards, anyway. even without having to skip a few steps and grow up at an otherwise tender age, the neighborhood he grew up in was crowded and word spread fast. not exactly close-knit, and not having much patience to indulge in a child's naivete either.

he understood very well that his father had been a drug dealer and a thief, and had gone to jail for his petty crimes. his mother wasn't spared from the harsh words either—an addict, a whore, a good-for-nothing—but jude loved her anyway. he tried taking care of them both when she couldn't, but there was only so much a young child could do, and so by the time he was seven his mother had died from an overdose and he was shuttled off into the foster care system. he lasted about a handful of months in the first home he was placed.

the second was considerably more permanent. his foster parents here were kind, nurturing, and provided just enough structure for him to thrive. there was some resistance at first, namely because jude was so used to struggling just to survive, but eventually the wariness gave way to acceptance. he began thinking less of what to do if he was placed in another home like his first and more about the upcoming history test later that week. it was nice. the same couldn't exactly be said for his foster brother, who entered their foster family not too long after he did.

technically lee was his elder brother, but only by half a year and they were still in the same grade. despite all of this it always felt like he was miles ahead, popular and well-loved even with all of his anger. it wasn't as though jude was a saint himself, but he vehemently believed that he had a harder time getting seen as one. sometimes he thought it was because of his parents, and other times he thought that maybe his brand of brazenness was just wrong, but the undercurrents of jealousy and resentment eventually faded with age.

while his brother stayed in california to pursue a career in the film industry, jude pursued higher education in masachusetts. there was something about the place that drew him in. he attributed it to the tempting opportunity of starting afresh and living independently at the opposite coast of the country, and went for a management concentration at becker college. around the time he graduated his mother was begging him to convince his brother to do something other than being a stuntman after a nasty accident that left him with a broken back.

—and all right, he missed having the guy around. after dealing with their mother's hysterics it didn't take much to convince lee to move with him to boston, and two years later they opened up a karate studio together. his job as a technical recruiter didn't earn him enough money to front all of the costs, but he has a vague idea of where lee managed to find the loans. nothing ideal, but hey, they aren't dead yet. it'll have to do for now.

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  • more or less a closeted bisexual. it's something he's always kept to himself. he's not ashamed, exactly, it's just. he doesn't want it to change the way his family or friends see him, so his dating history has been predominantly women with few exceptions.
  • unlike his brother, jude only dabbled in martial arts while growing up. he spent more time with wrestling and kickboxing, although since they made plans to open their own martial arts studio he's learned the basics. not enough to lead any classes, but enough to help people out.

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